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The LPGA IS Different

Some time ago I had a short but fatal spat with a Facebook friend.  No, I didn’t kill him – what’s better is he didn’t kill me.  I had gotten to know this fellow on FB several years ago, probably because he is a member at a course in NH where I had done some renovation work.  We also seemed to share an interest in women’s golf.  As time went on, I became concerned that this person had more than just a passing interest in these young women.  He even wrote a book about a young woman and her “father – aged” caddie.

Anyway, this person seems to tail the LPGA and Symetra tours ceaselessly to the extent that he attends the Q School events and some other Symetra tour events in Florida.  His postings are almost exclusively about women’s golf although he occasionally comes forward with ultra-conservative “shares”.

He had been taking a very negative line on Lydia Ko’s (she was 14 at the time) firing of her longtime coach in favor of David Ledbetter.  One morning he posted a video of some interaction between Lydia and this coach from when she was 8 years old.  This seemed to be in response to my earlier reply that we didn’t know anything about she and her past coach’s relationship.  I replied that I couldn’t believe that he would think that a videotaped segment could be indicative of their relationship.  In an attempt to shock him into being sensible, I included the fatal words of “for all we know he could be a pedophile.”

He quickly replied to my post with something like, “I can’t believe you would accuse anyone of that,” and then the line went dead.  He de-friended me.  Its ok, I had grown tired of the photos he posted with his arm around young women – many of them Asians – and his radical politics.

But this entire episode brought me to wondering about how often these girls (some barely young women) are “preyed” upon by men – old or young.  They certainly are vulnerable and who can blame their fathers for caddying or physically following them on tour?  Its not something the LPGA or Symetra likes to hear about and who could blame them – one bad scene could be a public relations disaster.

My next response to my FB friend was going to be.  “I certainly would not trust my young daughter to any man’s interaction like this without close supervision.”

Granted, we had some pretty nasty political disagreements in the past.  I occasionally wondered about his and some of his followers’ interest in the golf and not just the girls.  Nevertheless, I was surprised that this latest tiff would end our “relationship”.

Yes, the LPGA is different.  Much has been made about the “arbitrary” age limit of 18 they have established, but even 18 year-olds would have difficulty dealing with these kinds issues.  It gives  me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.


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