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Guest commentary: June is women’s golf month according to Play Golf America

By Mary Armstrong/For the Sun-News

Posted: 06/03/2011 12:30:18 PM MDT

Host PGA and LPGA professionals are offering “special programs throughout the month, highlighting golf as a great way for women of all ages and skill levels to connect with friends and family.”

Market research shows that many women are turned off by what appears to be a complicated sport. It does have its nuances and the learning curve can take some time for sure. However, spending several hours outside with friends and family on a weekly basis is an easy trade-off for a few hours of instruction and getting acquainted with the game. There have never been better programs for women to learn the game. Most every public course and private club offers some kind of “Ladies Day” and various group lesson packages designed for women. What’s more, women executives enjoy the same business benefits as men do with golf. According to a survey conducted by the Golf Digest Companies Research Center, “22 percent of women executive golfers have closed business deals on the golf course.”

A quick survey of the local public courses revealed these specials for women in June:

NMSU Golf Course: For the month of June, range cards for ladies at double the face value (e.g. $25 purchase = $50 in range balls); Also the Happy Hour Range Event on Fridays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. will be just $5 for women instead of the usual $10.

Sonoma Ranch Golf Course: For the entire month of June lady golfers will receive a special 18-hole green fee rate of $30 (including cart), and a nine-hole green fee rate of $20 (including cart) seven days a week. In addition ladies will receive 10 percent off of all women’s apparel in the pro shop.

If you are traveling or visiting one of our commercial golf stores, ladies it can’t hurt to ask for a “June is Women’s Golf Month” discount. We all like bargains!

Isabelle Beisiegel

Isabelle, or “Izzy” as she is known to her friends, isn’t exactly a household name, and she may never be wellknown. However, she made golfing history last week by being the first woman to earn a place on a men’s professional golf tour. The 32-year-old Montreal native was making her third attempt at the Canadian Tour’s spring qualifying school – all three being at the 7,018-yard par 72 Morningstar Golf Club in Parksville, British Columbia. The former LPGA and current Futures Tour player managed to shoot a 4 under par 68 in the third round, which put her in good position to place in the top 10. She finished with a 75 and a tournament total of 296 (+8) giving her a non-exempt card. Izzy’s plus-8 score in the four-round qualifier put her ahead of 2/3 of the rest of the male field as she tied the 10th and final qualifier.

Closing wasn’t a snap for her as she reached the 17th hole needing a birdie and par to qualify. She hit her tee shot on the par 3, 17th to within 6 feet and drained the putt. When she missed the green on the final hole with her approach, she needed a snappy up-and-down for her par and tour card. The former University of Oklahoma golf team member said, “I still can’t believe it. It’s a little overwhelming.  “This reminds me of when LPGA pro Suzy Whaley made gender history when she won a men’s PGA tournament andfollowed that up with qualifying for the Hartford Open on the PGA Tour in 2003. I met her the previous winter at the Boston Golf Show.

New cultivars of bermudagrass

Perhaps you recall my recent article about warm season and cool season grasses. This week’s USGA Green Section Record featured an article about two new bermudagrass cultivars that have been developed at Oklahoma State University. ‘Northbridge’ and ‘Latitude 36’ as they are known, were developed as “cold hardy” selections for the southern areas of the transition zones. Aside from withstanding colder temperatures, they also feature slight improvements over current popularly-used cultivars with earlier spring green-up and wear tolerance. While both have been extensively tested in field evaluations throughout the U.S., they are only available vegetatively – meaning by sod, plugs or stolons. OSU has licensed Sod Solutions for the sale and distribution of grasses. The grasses also exhibit strong turf quality characteristics and good sod tensile strength, but unless a seed can be produced, they will likely only be candidates for smaller areas of courses such as tees and greens.

A golf architect in New Hampshire for over 20 years, Mary Armstrong brought her craft to Las Cruces in January 2010.  She is the founder of Armstrong Golf Architects, which provides planning, designing, permitting and construction monitoring services for golf course projects. You can comment on her writing and view past articles at her blog:


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