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Hi!  My name is Mary Armstrong.  I am a golf architect and own Armstrong Golf Architects, LLC.  I have been in business since January 1, 1990 and have designed more than 100 projects in the U.S., Vietnam, Samoa and The Bahamas.  I will be writing about golf design and golf in general in my posts.  I encourage you to also go to my website and check-out my FAQ’s.   My website is

Last evening, I happened to tune into the Samsung World Championships at Torrey Pines.  I was floored by the lack of fans at the tournament.  Leaders were finishing and there were far fewer than a hundred fans visible from the cameras.  The LPGA really needs to do something!  When are they going to hire a Commissioner?  They’ve taken a good part of the season to do that and meanwhile interest isn’t exactly growing.  I’m concerned.  The LPGA, while I disagree with some of their policies, has the best female players in the world.  From what I understand, the European Tour will have more events than the U.S. next year and that has caused some players that normally would have “graduated” to the LPGA to reconsider.    I hope that something is done soon, because if nothing else having the best players in the world is a strong marketing tool for better and more events here in the U.S.  It’s only a matter of time before the girls start going elsewhere!

That’s it for now – look forward to hearing YOUR  thoughts.


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