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About My Blog and its Name

Ok, so I didn’t design “the road hole”, but I did design the hole in my header.  It’s the 7th at the Dunes Course at New Seabury Country Club on Cape Cod.  They once had a course there called the Green Course, but the Dunes is completely new (2001).  I also made some fairly extensive adjustments to their Ocean Course. 

Anyway, the name  “Road Hole Shorts” refers to the famous (or if you’ve played it the infamous) 17th at St. Andrews. which is known as the Road Hole.   BTW, I did play it … and ahem…I parred it on my way to a 79.  But that’s another post.  The name Road Hole Shorts is one I’ve been using for over 10 years with my business.  I published a periodic newsletter under that name.  So, I hope you enjoy my posts.  I enjoy putting “pen to paper”.  Let’s see what happens!


  Linda Bessette wrote @

I love your posts. You are pretty good at putting pen to paper.


  roadholeshorts17 wrote @

Thanks Linda. I’m tryin’.


  Pam Walatka wrote @

Am enjoying your articles about Golf In The Kingdom. Thank you.


  roadholeshorts17 wrote @

Thank you Pam. I really appreciate you commenting. Have we met?


  John Duncklee wrote @

In writing a “hole-in-one” is rare, but Seinfeld did it on Larry King with”Three kids in the morning are like a blender without a top.”


  Bob wrote @

I moved here from to LC from Black Diamond Ranch, just up the road from Citrus Hills as I am sure you know well. While your golf courses have flourished, Black Diamond with it’s “Top 100” Quarry course teters on a Developer acknowledged brink and/or threat of bankruptcy and is being marketed right now by The Plasencia Group of Tampa . The Arnold Palmer group (Arnie himself) was looking at it just last week. Looks like your complex ends up being the clear cut winner !!! Many BD residents have resigned and moved over to Citrus Hills for their golfing needs. And as you probably know Sam Tamposi did not think highly of Stan Olsen, and bailed from their business relationship.. Looks like he may have been right in that a probable bankrupcy of Black Diamond Properties, Inc. and multiple member lawsuits are looming including one from myself. Move over Tom Fazio !!!


  roadholeshorts17 wrote @

Thanks for your comments Bob – I imagine you found my blog from my LC Sun-News Column? WOW! I didn’t realize that BD was in that bad a shape. When I did the Citrus Hills Courses – Meadow and Oaks – BD wasn’t even a concept I don’t think. Probably the big difference between those two courses and BD is that those two courses were designed to stand alone – not be dependent on the real estate project. In those days, golf was an amenity, but it’s budget wasn’t dictated by the developer so much because often a golf businessman would step in and get the course done and operate it. Those two courses were designed by myself and a golf entrenpreneur from New Hampshire – Phil Friel. Both Phil and Sam have passed now, and I don’t think either one had any idea (nor did I for that matter) that the courses would compete well, but Phil knew how to build a course that could be maintained at a reasonable budget. They aren’t flashy, but people do love to play them. I had also designed a third course west of the Palmer Course, but it didn’t make it – as far as I know. It was an executive length. A bunch of threes a par 4 and a par 5. I think the par 3’s were every other hole, as I recall. Pretty much everthing that went into that course (except the turf of course) was from New England. The pro, superintendent, club manager – everything – at least in the beginning.

It was great to hear from you – perhaps we’ll meet on the links sometime!



  Lee Webb wrote @

Enjoyed your article on African American impact on golf, Great Work


  roadholeshorts17 wrote @

Thanks Lee. Always appreciate comments


  edward wrote @

Just wanted to ask if the Arthur D. Little you refered to in your Sept 16 article is the one that is married to Jan Lemming and was the owner of Province Lake Golf Course?

I considered Province Lake my home course for about 30 years. and played with Arthur several times.


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